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When you are facing difficult times, we can get you through it. The attorneys at Ferrell & Brown, PLLC,

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Personal injuries

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal assistance in personal injury cases, including car wrecks, wrongful death, and serious personal injuries, ensuring our clients receive the support and compensation they need.

medical malpractice

Our law firm specializes in providing expert legal help for cases involving medical malpractice, ensuring that individuals receive the compensation and justice they deserve for any healthcare-related negligence.

employment law

We can help in employment law, focusing on wrongful termination, hostile work environment, discrimination, and wage payment violations. We're here to support and represent you, prioritizing your rights and well-being.

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Our dedicated law team is committed to helping people navigate legal challenges with compassion and expertise.

Personal Injuries

Medical Malpractice

Employment Law

Insurance Bad Faith

Camp Lejeune Justice Act

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Ferrell & Brown, PLLC is a law firm founded by Joshua S. Ferrell and Nathan D. Brown, which serves clients through West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Our dedicated law team stands out for its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. With a deep-seated passion for the pursuit of justice, our attorneys bring forth a wealth of expertise and a tireless work ethic to every case. We prioritize understanding our clients' unique needs and concerns, fostering a collaborative relationship built on trust and open communication.


As a leading legal group, we pride ourselves on being an active part of esteemed legal associations, ensuring our clients benefit from cutting-edge expertise and industry insights.

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Josh Ferrell


Nathan Brown


Tracie Meadows

Office Manager

Josh Ferrell


Nathan Brown


Tracie Meadows

Office Manager

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Welcome to Ferrell & Brown, PLLC, where senior cases meet seasoned attorneys. Our legal professionals bring decades of experience, offering unparalleled services.




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