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With the incredibly warm weekend and Hillbilly Days wrapped up, most of us are excited for summer.  For some this might mean time on the river or a lake.  While we may only get a few short months to enjoy this fun, we do have to be vigilant and take safety precautions. Unfortunately, every year families are devastated because of injuries or deaths that happen on the water.  Whether you plan to swim, boat, or float, we want you to return home safely!

The National Safe Boating Council has reported some troubling statistics:

67% of drowning victims are considered to have been good swimmers.

Over 80% of drowning victims were not wearing proper life jackets

80% of boating accident deaths are due to drowning 

The Top Safety Threats to Boaters, Floaters, and Swimmers:

Rip Currents and Inclement Weather – While you may think lakes and rivers are safe or shallow, it can also quickly dangerous.  Fast moving storms and currents can be no match for even a seasoned swimmer or boater. Always have proper safety gear on board and on your person while in the water or riding in a boat.

Driving under the influence

Just as on our roadways, impaired driving is a serious problem on our waterways. On the water, officials can stop a boat and inspect it at any time if they suspect any suspicious or illegal behavior. A routine safety check that uncovers impaired drivers can receive a BWI (Boating While Intoxicated) and be required to pay fines, serve jail time and more.


Even though safety courses are required for many, inexperienced boaters, swimmers, kayakers, or rafters, can wreak havoc for their own safety and others. Do not operate a boat until you have completed adequate training with a professional or another experienced boater.  For kayaking, swimming, and floating, do not assume that the water will always be shallow or slow moving, you can quickly move or be drawn into deep water, rapids, or currents.

Lack of safety gear

The law mandates that boats must have adequate safety gear for all on board. If you are driving a boat or riding as a passenger, always wear your life jacket.  It is also important to have safety gear will kayaking or floating.  If you are an inexperienced swimmer or swimming in unfamiliar waters, it is wise to pack safety gear and not to attempt alone!


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